Proven Strategies To Uncover Your Own Wow Idea

so you can make a real impact

You want to launch a new project but struggle with ideas.

You want to stand out but can feel stuck on the same thing everyone else is

Everyone’s doing the same thing - life coaching, children’s books, teaching seminars. 

What if instead you came up with something so amazing that when you explain it, your audience immediately says… WOW

Look wow ideas don’t just pop in your head. It’s not that strike of creativity you get in the middle of the night. 

There’s a specific 1-2-3 knockout formula with proven strategies to come up with WOW ideas you can launch - so you can finally do something fun for you, beneficial to your audience, and actually be profitable, in sha Allah. 

When you access Launchpad, you'll get immediate access to everything I teach on discovering, developing, and refining your wow idea. 

You'll get uncut lessons taught inside NicheHero, my premium leadership program usually offered at $1,997.

Alongside the Launchpad program, you'll also get immediate access to:

  • Bonus Lesson: Productivity Hacks | How To Kill It Online, Keep Your Family Happy, and Still Have Time Left For Whatever
  • Bonus Lesson: Riyaa, Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome | How To Manage All 3 When Starting A Business
  • Bonus Lesson: How To Unleash Your Creativity & Innovation

Inside Launchpad, you'll learn these powerful strategies to open your mind and land on exactly what it is that drives your passion and benefits your community. 

  • Leadership soft spots: discover your strengths
  • ​Directional thinking
  • Modality thinking
  • ​Cross-industry thinking
  • ​Good-excellent-outstanding thinking
  • ​Where to discover WOW ideas
  • ​Where not to search for WOW ideas
  • ​Laws of branding
  • ​Laws of marketing
  • ​The 9 pitfalls of idea generation

Because we strongly believe in the power of these lessons, we reassure you that should you find they aren't for you, you're welcome to your money back in full within 7 days of signing up. 

Right now, our students inside NicheHero are fine-tuning their WOW ideas and getting ready to LAUNCH. 

Just because you haven't joined the NicheHero journey, we don't want you to miss out on the most critical part of any business, charity, or leadership project - the WOW idea. 

Bismillah - let's finally bring your best gift to the world.

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