To Uncover Your Own WOW Idea,
Become A Person Of Influence
And Leave A Lasting Legacy In This World.

A Personal Letter From The Desk of Muhammad Alshareef

Dear Friend, 

Let me ask you an important question. 

Will the Earth miss you when you leave this world?

Look LIFE comes to those who give life to others - when you're a source of benefit, then goodness flows to you. And the opposite is true.

Intentions are good. Efforts are great. 

But imagine when you have EXCELLENT execution of an OUTSTANDING idea.

Imagine the mountains of good deeds waiting for you in the Akhirah. 

It Isn't About What You Know (Or Don't Know)

There’s no shortage of business programs out there. They’ll teach you how to master tools of business, they may even give you complete blueprints…

...but they won’t develop who YOU need to BE to run a lasting, profitable project that makes you happy and benefits your community.

Take for example a smart, young brother I spoke to - let’s call him Khalid. 

He took an ecommerce course, learned how to sell online, got the complete ins and outs…

...and after he made some money, Khalid suddenly fizzled and stopped

When I asked him why, he said he found no passion, no motivation in the work he was doing. 

When I was still a young kid in Madinah, I knew I could do something wonderful for Islam

The idea was to teach intensive weekend seminars - something nobody was doing at the time. They said it wouldn’t be profitable, that it wouldn’t go very far…

AlMaghrib's now at 40+ cities worldwide, more than 280,000 students taught, and 20+ years running, alhamdulilah.

Rule #1 of NicheHero

When you believe in your idea, 
you’ll have the passion to put in the work. 

Yes, we’ll show you how to uncover your own WOW idea so that you’re:

  • passionate about it (and slay procrastination)
  • profitable with it (even if others say you won't)
  • benefiting the community (with confidence and authority)

It Isn’t About How Much Money You Have (Or Don’t Have)

The #1 reason that stops people from starting an idea is falsely believing it takes a lot of financial capital

That may be the case if you’re selling physical products, but that certainly isn’t true for a service-based business - now the dominant sector at 78.8% of business.

Everyone can offer a service - and it doesn’t take money to do it.

Take for example the story of Vern’s Bullseye.

It seemed Vern was a master at axe throwing; so he was asked, “Hey Vern, how do you land every axe perfectly at its target?

He smiled and said, “Oh that’s easy. I throw the axe, then I draw the bullseye where it lands.”

Cheating? Not exactly. 

In NicheHero, we find out where your axe lands (that’s your strength) and build a WOW idea and profitable service project around it (without the need for financial capital).

Rule #2 of NicheHero

When you deliver your strength and talent to world, your authority will grow your circle of influence. 

Yes, we'll show you how to:

  •  build your confidence in the face of self-doubt
  • strengthen your authority in the face of criticism
  • exact your influence as a leader
  • ​attract 1000 true fans even in a noisy market

Who Should Take the NicheHero Program?

The power of launching radical WOW ideas is for more than just entrepreneurs and non-profits.

If you’re an employee, you can use the power of starting wow projects from inside your company, leading to promotions and success for your company. Promotions, bonuses and fun come for those employees who know how to do this. 

If you’re a community leader or activist, you can use the power of starting and growing wow projects to make a REAL difference in the community. Leading and mobilizing communities towards a cause starts with wow ideas combined with strategies and systems to influence and inspire. 

If you’re a hobbyist, you can use the power of starting and growing wow projects to turn something you love doing into a source of benefit for the wider community.

Meet some of The NicheHero Graduates


Ghulam Kehar founded Amaanah Refugee Services. Using the principles of NicheHero, Ghulam led a passionate team to support and resettle more than 10,000 refugees in Texas. 


Winner of the NicheHero Competition, Saiyyidah Zaidi launched Millionaire Muslimah, and went on to specialize in high performance coaching, human potential and financial management.


Moutassem Hameedy is an Imam, motivational speaker, and a corporate trainer on leadership and career development.


Leenat Jilani is now an associate lawyer and Hafidha. She was inspired through NicheHero to take ownership of her legacy and benefit her community.


As Vice President, Dr. Waleed Basyouni led the innovative and international AlMaghrib Institute, creatively adapting it to constant global change.

Public Relations

Navaid Aziz is a leader in public relations, focusing on best practices in sensitivity and diversity training. He shares his expertise on community-based intervention and prevention with the courts, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and law enforcement.

The Bottom Line: 
NicheHero Will Develop Who You Become

In the passing of Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, the world was inspired by the legacy he left behind. Amazed by how a young man launched from small-town Winnipeg was able launch businesses, dawah projects, consult global enterprises, meet and learn from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and coaches... as little as 2 decades...

...everyone is asking... did he do it?

In NicheHero, you’ll get insider information, the exact lessons he taught, and direct access to Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef's business partner, Exec Team, and graduates. 

You’ll learn how to develop:

  •  behavioural flexibility in the face of obstacles
  • confidence in the face of self-doubt and criticism
  • ​action-based attitude in the face of procrastination
  • ​charismatic leadership to rally followers around your vision and ideas
  • ​scientific methods for birthing creative, WOW ideas
  • acceleration for your goals and successes
  • authority as the single hero in competitive markets

Here Are The Details

NicheHero Leadership is delivered over a period of 6 weeks surrounded by a community of your peers. Each module taught by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef is released weekly, with new modules taught by his Exec Team & invited business experts

Feedback and implementation sessions are offered LIVE online with Q&A sessions and support available throughout the 6 weeks and beyond. 

Module #1

How To Think Creatively And Discover Your WOW Idea so you can stand out as the HERO even in a competitive field.

Module #2

How To Be The Person Of Influence And Attract “5K Raving Fans” while slaying criticism, procrastination, and isolating your weaknesses.

Module #3

How To Attract Your All-Star Team who will support and carry your legacy forward.

Module #4

How To Understand The Psychology of Wow Management so you can grow into the leader you’re meant to be.

Module #5

The Creative Art Of Cloning so you can scale and spread your idea worldwide

Module #6

How To Sustain Through Success Peaks, Valleys, And Plateaus so you can ensure your legacy is everlasting.

New Module

Erase Confusion, Indecision & Self-Doubt By Pinpointing Your Real "Why"

New Module

How To Stand Out & Be Heard In A World Of Noise - taught by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef's copywriter of 14 years.

Plus Exciting Bonuses 

Throughout the 6 weeks of growth, support, and instruction, you'll also be propped up with bonus sessions - both pre-recorded and live - as you begin taking action along the way. 

Bonus #1

Elite Tribe of NicheHeroes so you're immersed in a safe space to share ideas, support one another, and raise each other up.

Bonus #2

From Stranger to Raving Fan: How To Create & Deliver Your Free Gift

Bonus #3

Your First Sale: How To Set Up An Automatic Payment Processor

Bonus #4

Behind-The-Scenes of Setting Up Your Mailing List

Bonus #5

What Every Business Owner Should Know: 
Bookkeeping & Accounting 101

Bonus #6

How To Get Inside Your Audience’s Head And Speak Their "Language"

Bonus #7

Interview With Surprise Guest 
(Launches 7-Figure Campaigns & Masterminds)

Bonus #8

Master List of Everything You’ll Need A-Z and Where To Find It


The world is changing and EVERYTHING IS RISING - so it’s urgent you rise with the tide. The ground is shifting from beneath your feet faster than it ever did before.

The landscape already looks strikingly different. What worked for you in the past, may no longer serve you in this new world. 

You can get started on your new path alone, but as any business leader will tell you, how costly the path to success is without knowledge, experience, or mentorship. 

Inside NicheHero, the goal is to give you a clearer, more definitive blueprint than you’ve ever seen or possessed before, for achieving whatever business/influence/legacy/charity goals you may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions society has dictated - on speed, ease, and independence. 

Shaykh Muhammad wrote that 20 years ago...

"I would have done anything in the world to attend NicheHero and learn from someone with the experience I now have. Someone who had been there, done that - so that I would know in advance what works and what doesn’t, saving me valuable years AND hundreds of thousands of dollars. Someone who had LIVED what was in the textbooks - so that I could read in his face what no ink had ever printed.

Twenty years ago, lonely Muhummad Alshareef, when you didn’t even know me, I cared so dearly for a seminar like NicheHero. It is from that burning 20-year old love I designed this NicheHero leadership journey. For you

My friend, you have it in you to succeed. You have a calling to influence change; and there will never be a better time than right now - to invest in yourself and your legacy." 

Risk-Free Guarantee

You've reached this far in the letter, which means you're highly considering answering the call and taking action. 

To make this decision easier for you, here is the DiscoverU guarantee. 

If for whatever reason, you're unhappy or simply not ready to take action on the blueprint taught in NicheHero, then you'll have 14 days from the release of the first module to let us know, and your money will be returned to you - 100% - no hard feelings. 

And because we don't take your trust lightly, we'd like you to keep the pre-class bonuses as a thank you for joining anyway.

This Is Your Defining Moment

the time to decide is now

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